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Status: New idea

Currently, Firefox allows anyone to view stored login credentials by navigating to the "about:logins" page. These passwords are displayed in plain text, making them vulnerable unless the user has implemented a "primary password" for their browser. However, the use of a primary password can be burdensome as it requires entry each time the browser is launched.

To improve the balance between security and usability, I suggest the introduction of a feature that specifically protects the "about:logins" page, perhaps with the user's Firefox account password or system password. This would ensure that the stored login credentials are only visible after the user has successfully authenticated access to the page.

Importantly, this authentication process should be separate from the browser startup, removing the inconvenience of needing to enter a password at every launch. By doing so, it would enhance security without hindering the user's browsing experience.

(As an example, Google Chrome does this quite well by requiring the user to enter the system password before accessing stored login passwords).

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