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I'm not sure if this functionality is already implemented on other platforms, but this relates to GNU/Linux. I've used Thunderbird on both GNOME and Sway and the experience is the same.

When a new email is received, I will get a notification for it. I was using Evolution for a very long time before this. I would often ignore the notification, switch to my Evolution window, and click the email. At that point, the notification would be dismissed.

On Thunderbird, if I ignore the notification, read the email, and delete it, the notification will still persist in my notification center on GNOME. The same is true on Sway with Mako (my notification daemon); it will continue to take up screen real estate even after I've dealt with the email if I don't explicitly dismiss the notification or wait for it to disappear.

I thought perhaps this integration was achieved because Evolution is tied closely into GNOME, but the same feature works perfectly well on Sway.

This is a very small feature which I never appreciated until I learned Thunderbird didn't have it. It's a great quality-of-life feature which, with any luck, would not be difficult to implement. It might even be a toggle, as some users may see the notification remaining in the notification center even after dealing with it as a feature (though in GNOME world, that's not how notifications are intended to be used).

Strollin' around

It's the same on Windows. It can be confusing and creates clutter.

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That's a great suggestion, it's very annoying to have the notification center polluted by email notifications that you actually already processed (read, replied, deleted, etc).

The solution is quite simple, every time a notification is created a notification ID is returned. TB should store such an ID and map it with the email for which the notification was triggered.

The `org.freedesktop.Notifications` offers a method to close a notification by passing the ID. That should be called by TB whenever the email is opened and the notification will automatically disappear from the notification center.

You can manually test this with the two following command.

1. Generate a notification and retrieve its ID:
notify-send 'Message...' -p

2. The output of the above command is the notification ID. Check in your notification center that the notification is actually listed. Now use the following command to dismiss it:
qdbus org.freedesktop.Notifications /org/freedesktop/Notifications org.freedesktop.Notifications.CloseNotification <NOTIFICATION_ID>

3. As you can see, the notification is now disappeared from the notification center.

IOW TB needs to use `org.freedesktop.Notifications.CloseNotification` method to dismiss a notification every time the email is opened.

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I experience the same on Windows 113.0b6 (latest beta) version.
Even after I read email, the notification (Window toolbar red icon with number of unread message count) does not reset. I have to click on some other folder and click back to Inbox folder for it to reset.

Very much annoying indeed!


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Please implement this.

I have resorted to a Gnome extension that automatically clears notifications after a defined time but this has a big drawback that if I am away for more than that period of time, an email is notified and cleared and I never see it. It's not as bad as the persistent badge in the dock though.

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Somehow related to this Windows issue where the tray icon remains active even if new emails are read.2023-09-14_12-11-29.png

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No clue as to why I'm not getting email.

Where should I look; what's turned off?



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Robert, I recommend asking your support question here:

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Please implement this.