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When I receive an email in thunderbird I know I won't read (an advertisement for instance), that should be useful to delete this mail directly from the notification that appears on top of the screen (see this screenshot showing such a notification)

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Delete would be great and, in addition, mark it as junk!

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I think the gmail notification pull-down options on ios are an excelent starting point. It has the delete option, an option to mark as read (i personally like to mark financial stuff i want to keep in my email for records as read without opening them), and theres also a shortcut to reply to the message which im sure is useful to someone.


here is [a screenshot of a gmail notification with the pull down options]( (uploaded to my matrix homeserver's media repo)

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All my mail basically either gets flagged, marked as read, deleted, or moved to a "reciepts" folder (and marked as read). So custom options for what to do from notifications would be amazing especially if you could trigger a custom rule that does multiple things. Granted that's probably a little out of the scope of this specific idea, but it would be cool.

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Great Idea! Since I switched away from Apple Mail and Outlook the only feature I really miss is the quick delete button on every mail in the preview column.


Also "mark as junk" as kintrupf mentioned would be nice to have, too.


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Would love this.

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Now that work is on Outlook, I'm definitely wishing for this feature in TB

Status changed to: Trending idea
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Hey all,

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To be able to delete thunderbird mail message directly from the pop-up notification
Dear developers, first of all thank you very much for your efforts making excellent this superb E-mail client.
One idea that I guess will have a lot of acceptation due to massive unwanted E-mails that we receive every day (even with the training technologies against SPAM) is:
To add a button of "delete E-mail" (and/or "mark as SPAM") directly in the pop-up notification that appears when we receive an incoming E-mail message. This "stupid" thing will save a lot of time for the daily users (avoids to minimize the current task, go to open the client, search where is the new E-mail, do the action, minimize again, search the previous app where we where working try to regain the concentration... this process is repeated daily for every unwanted E-mail that in a single day may increase to 20-30 times).
Thank you very much for your consideration. 
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