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New member
Status: New idea

I have noticed that Thunderbird does not check the personal dictionary when making spelling suggestions for misspelt words.

Expected behaviour - suggests word from personal dictionary that closely resembles misspelt word

Actual behaviour - suggests standard words from standard dictionary that closely resembles misspelt word

Is it possible to make a change to incldue words from the personal dictionary as suggestions?


New member

Hi Adam

Join the club.

This was first reported as a bug (338291) 17 years ago.

It still has not been fixed. It remains one of the major weaknesses with Thunderbird compared to Outlook. It is especially annoying in Australia and no doubt in other countries where many bird, animal, plant and place names are not in the local dictionary.

Perhaps a 2-pass spell check could do it, first pass for the user dictionary with added words and then if still not correct/ed, a second pass with the main dictionary/ies. These days with so much processing power any additional time would hardly be noticed.

It would be great to see this resolved.

Making moves

Just added a new Comment to the 17 year old bug. According to comments it can be fixed so, although it is not a new Idea, it would be really great if this could be fixed...

I am aware that not many people think that correcting the spelling in messages is important 🙂