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Status: New idea

Customizable keyboard shortcuts

Productivity can be drastically improved by performing often-used actions through keyboard shortcuts. By including full keyboard shortcut modification, and maybe even custom actions to which shortcuts can be assigned, everyone can create and set their preferred hotkeys for specific tasks, like moving an email to a specific folder.

Examples of applications that do this really well are Visual Studio Code and Vivaldi.

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New member

All I want is for the escape key to close the last opened message. This is the biggest frustration since switching from Outlook

Strollin' around

Oh yes ! please give us the ability to create Keyboard shortcut from menu fonctions !

My dream:  have a shortcut for striketrough font format !

An other option is to let us customize toolbar...

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I second this motion.

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Official FAQ
Keyboard shortcuts - perform common Thunderbird tasks quickly

Strollin' around

Not being able to customize keyboard shortcuts is the thing that I dislike the most about Thunderbird.

I can't tell you how many times I used the single-key shortcuts by accident to archive emails or mark them as junk. This has actually caused me to miss a payment before and I had to pay a late fee.

I wish this could be customized. VSCode is a great example. Any action lets you add your own keyboard shortcut, the configuration gets saved to a JSON file. Plus, you can use Ctrl+Shift+P to bring up a menu that allows you to list and search every possible action and it displays its keyboard shortcut.

Having something like this would make Thunderbird better for customization and it would also make it easier to transition to it from other email clients. For example, you could have a preset with Outlook keyboard shortcuts that would allow people switch from Outlook to Thunderbird and be just as productive without the need to relearn everything they know.