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Making moves
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It would be great if there was a way to customize hotkeys.
Here's how I see it:
 * Have a about:hotkeys panel, with all actions listed, and already mapped shortcuts shown.
 * Whether these should be modifiable or not is up to the dev community, ideally they'd be.
 * When clicking on a hotkey field, ideally, there would be a capturing hotkey feature, or, before this, an AHK like syntax to define hotkeys (not as complex, something like: CTRL+H means this and MAJ+ALT+END means that...)

 * a restore to default button.
 * Done.

It can't be done with an extension because some function can't be accessed by extensions (I'm actually looking for a way to send tab to other device while browsing with TST.). Anyway, I believe this should boost productivity in a number of ways. You guys are devs, you know keyboards are faster than mice. 😛


edit: Corrected the typos, it's been bugging me for months now😅

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It's 2024 and I can't believe we still can't customize keyboard shortcuts in Firefox. Are the devs even looking at this thread? 

This is such a basic feature, and I don't think it is complex to implement. I've stopped using FF mainly due to this. All chromium based browsers have this built in, why we can't have this in FF blows my mind.. I will continue using Ungoogled Chromium until FF devs implement this.

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When I try to set shortcuts for my addons, it is so annoying that "You can't change Mozilla shortcuts". I can do it in Edge, in Chrome, but not in Mozilla? Why? Just remove the default functionality of that shortcut and replace mine.

It is so simple, yet it doesn't have it.

Strollin' around

Absolutely. To build on this idea, I'd like an option to just disable all keyboard shortcuts. I never use them and have never used them in any browser. Furthermore, one of the biggest issues I have with Firefox is that many of the shortcuts conflict with system text editing shortcuts, so easy to make mistakes can have large consequences.

As an example, I use a Linux shell quite a bit, so my fingers like to type Ctrl-W to delete a word. But if I'm typing in Firefox and hit Ctrl-W it closes the current tab. That is NEVER what I want. Other shortcuts mysteriously bring up side panels, etc.

Note that this is different from whether or not Firefox shortcuts override system shortcuts. I have researched this and understand that capability. The UI problem I experience is that Firefox shortcuts conflict with shortcuts used by other applications that I use a lot, so mistakes that I make have bad consequences.

Anyway, for me, keyboard shortcuts in the browser offer no benefit, and often get in my way. I could imagine binding certain actions to complex keystrokes (e.g., Ctrl-Alt-W), but, overall, I would really like the ability to just turn them off.

Making moves

I just lost 30 minutes of typed form data AGAIN because I accidentally bumped a keyboard shortcut that navigates to a blank tab. On the keyboard that I use, this is a simple finger slip that's very easy to make. I used to override this keyboard shortcut with an extension (Shortkeys), but now even that does not work.

The inability to override keyboard shortcuts is absolutely ridiculous. The app used to have this functionality, it was taken away, and it regularly costs me time in the form of lost work. This is one of many small usability foibles that haunts Firefox that collectively have contributed to its massive decline in browser market share.

I'm now using the Form History Control extension (a security nightmare) to help guard against a problem that has a better solution.

Making moves

This NEEDS to happen. 

Making moves


I have a temporary solution for all of you while we wait for Mozilla to lead the way redefining user accessibility by making keyboard/mouse and other human interface controls universally reconfigurable to adapt software to the users instead of forcing the user to adapt to the software.

My suggestion is this.

You can use the Keyboard Manager tool part of the open source Microsoft PowerToys

This will allow you to remap key and key combos to other keys and do so only for one application.

Here is an example

I want to "undo close tab" action to be the similar to the "close tab" key.

So, close tab is CTRL+W and so I want CTRL+SHIFT+W to be undo close tab.

But currently, by default, undo close tab is bound to CTRL+SHIFT+T ...

Here is my configuration


With that, you should be able to re-bind any key to any key and just for firefox


Here is the edit screen




Strollin' around

For me the main pain point is Cmd-Shift-P (Yes I am on a Mac) currently opens a new Private Window.  I would be happy if I could just unbind that one command for now since it is used by VSCode in the web.  Ideally I would rebind it to something else but unbinding it for now would be a great start for me and allow me to come back to Firefox full time.

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Seconding this, typing alt certain unicode characters can be a pain when firefox shortcuts rely on alt combinations. For example anything involving d gets treated as Alt + D which opens the search bar, unfocusing the current text box.

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Yes - I switched to gnulinux and now I have to use alt to change tabs with the number row, and I much prefer how i've done it with control for years - seems like an easy customization addition.

Strollin' around

So sad that this is still not a feature we can have on the best browser out there.

Making moves

The shortcuts I want to see are copy and paste. The number of times I've just automatically used ctrl+C or ctrl+V to find I'm pasting something from somewhere else or it's just blank. I then end up having to go back and use the right button. In itself it might seem like a minor thing, but I'm along time trained in my shortcuts so it's unfortunately automatic. And I can't see what the problem is, they work fine in Chrome.

To be honest, I'm getting to the point where I want to dump Firefox. If it wasn't for its management of bookmarks, which I like, I'd have moved over to Chrome fully in a shot.

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I manage sever Linux based virtual appliances that use hotkeys or key combinations to activate settings or modes.  Specifically key combos with CTRL and ALT keys.  It is truly frustrating trying to administer these VA's when for example, CTRL + T is capture by Firefox preventing me from passing this to the VA.

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Yes please implement this. I constant switch between browsers and regularly use Ctrl+Shift+N thinking it's going to open a Private Browser Window, and instead it reopens the last closed window. Drives me crazy 🤪

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Due to my physical condition, I use a very unconventional keyboard layout, and customizable shortcuts will allow for much smoother operation, please add this ASAP!

Making moves

@snowflake2712: Really good point 👍. I hope Mozilla is actually listening, though given the time this thread has been here I suspect not.☹️