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Making moves
Status: New idea

This may be a bit of far-fetched pipe dream, but Mozilla could use a new edge in the current age of browser technology. This idea is basically to create an in-browser Notion-alternative around open or saved web URLs, possibly with some graph view (a la Cotoami/Obsidian/etc.) which probably sounds crazy but hear me out.

Individuals and organizations are growing out of web-based office tools that rigidly define types of "files" and instead moving towards powerful and intuitive everything-workspace platforms like Notion and Airtable. With the address bar in Firefox auto-completing to suggest tabs open elsewhere alongside bookmarks, and features/plugins like Tree Style Tabs, and Tab Grouping, and Multi-Acconut Containers, the functionality of simple Bookmarks has a lot of overlap with "open" tabs and one day the distinction might disappear.

I'm envisioning a "workspace" view, which by default might just lay out all your bookmarks and tabs as thumbnails grouped by tab-group or folder, but which can be arbitrarily rearranged, annotated, combined with notes (rip), and shared or published in something akin to a mix of social bookmarking, wiki, or inspiration/interest boards with optional integration with some sort of social media platform *cough cough* Pocket *cough*

Maybe this could even be an avenue for monetization as organizations could want to pay to have this hosted with access restricted to company email addresses.

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Strollin' around

A-MA-ZING idea!


Making moves

Thank you, i feel like a good UX designer needs to mock it up for people to really get it 😅

Making moves

+1 this is very interesting

Making moves

Also, it would be very nice to adopt a local-first approach to syncing data where possible. This makes all data instantly available and editable locally, while being able to sync reliably when a connection is open. There were no good ways to do this with formatted text until now thanks to a new CRDT algorithm called Peritext:

Really nice video about it here:

Making moves

would like to see this in action. cool concept 👍