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I think Mozilla could round up various offerings that would require little overhead to offer (similar to reselling Mullvad as Mozilla VPN). To round up a few:Shared Secret/Password Management (with organization-wide security checkup reports from Fire...
This may be a bit of far-fetched pipe dream, but Mozilla could use a new edge in the current age of browser technology. This idea is basically to create an in-browser Notion-alternative around open or saved web URLs, possibly with some graph view (a ...
Project Fluent is really the best standard for supporting complex translations in software projects: https://projectfluent.org/Pontoon is a great tool to help create the translations from the base language: https://pontoon.mozilla.org/projects/If Pon...
I was shocked that I couldn't share a collection with friends or make it public so that Pocket could be an instant alternative to Pinterest.
Browsers such as Safari and IE11 support playing files containing multiple audio tracks, and allow the user to select which channel they wish to listen to. This is needed for files which have tracks in different languages, or tracks for different spe...