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Firefox Workspaces ( Overview )

Making moves


First of all, I love all of the new additions from Mozilla! New Thunderbird, K9 and Firefox Android add-ons are all amazing! And I would like to use Firefox instead of Ferdium. As Fredium is basically a browser anyway.

But I noticed that there are multiple tab groups / workspaces ideas out there so I wanted to summary them:


(1) Workspaces a la Opera Basically a vertical list of icons for each Workspace on the side (a button in the toolbar with a dropdown to select Workspaces would suffice), that instantly switch to all the Tabs open in a given Workspace and hides everything else. Pinned Tabs stay with each Workspace. Tab Groups can exist within a Workspace.
(2) Persistent Tab Groups / Workspaces 


Tab group mockup.png

(3) Addon Request - Firefox Workspaces 

That is, I want to be able to create named sets of windows and tabs and switch quickly between them. I work on a number of projects both personal and for work that involve a large number of tabs across multiple windows. I’d like to be able to compartmentalize these. There are plenty of add-ons that let you save a window’s tabs as a named group, then restore it later, but that’s not good enough.


Now all of these I mostly agree with, personally. The main focus is the ability to simply save and load tab sets.

Bare-bones feature list:

  • (<source proposal(s)>) <feature>
  • (1,2,3) Load / save a tab set ( henceforth called a workspace )
  • (1,2,3) UI for switching workspaces
  • (1) Ability to declaratively define tabs for each workspace
  • (Me) Inactive workspaces shall be offline / fully unloaded

Comprehensive feature list:

  • (1) Fast switching of workspaces (sub second?)
  • (3) Ability to save not only tab sets but tab and window sets
  • (3) Set specific windows/tabs to be open in all workspaces
  • (Me) Configuration option: Make each workspace live in it's own container
  • (2) Configuration option: New window automatically creates a new workspace (true/false)
  • (2) Configuration option: Invincible workspaces - If you close a window with this workspace, it moves to another window, assuming another open window

Unresolved questions:

  • Should a workspace be only a set of tabs or windows too (2 proposals for no, one for yes)
  • Should opening a new workspace replace the original or open a new window with the new workspace
  • Should pinned tabs stay opened between workspaces

I personally, would be quite happy with the bare-bones feature set. I just need a button I can punch which will open a set of some tabs I set somewhere.

The closest addon I found are Simple Tab Groups, which while somewhat satisfactory for my usecase, albeit they don't have the declarative configuration and a faster way to switch workspaces, but I'll go with that for now.




Making moves

Throwing another into the mix, would love to know what you think as someone who's given this a good amount of consideration already: