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Status: In development

I'd like to have the possibility to change color to each account label and icon.


New member

Agree. I'd like to have the possibility to change some to each account - color or label or icon. Because we can not manage yet comfortably those without trying.  

New member

Sarebbe utile rinnovare la funzionalità di colorare gli account. Grazie

It would be useful to renew the functionality of coloring accounts. Thank you

Making moves

Account Colours

I would like to be able to assign different colours to accounts in the message pane, similar to the function offered in old Thunderbird versions by the extension "Account Colors" by DW-dev.

Community Manager
Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

New member

Great feature request! something we also are looking for!

New member

Yes, this will be useful. I've stayed at an earlier version of Thunderbird just to have Account Colors, which does not work with the latest versions of Thunderbird.

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Coloring the account is already in Calendar. Is any method to use the same code?

Status changed to: In development
Thunderbird Team
Thunderbird Team

Great news! This feature is now in development, and we're aiming to ship it in time for Thunderbird 128 in July. This is the first patch of an upcoming stack that will add some nice visual cues in the message list and the compose window for users with multiple accounts.

Keep your feedback and suggestions coming, we appreciate it!

Strollin' around

Yes, this is good news! The deprecated addon Account Colors should serve as a good start. I would think with access to the actual code you should have the opportunity to make it nice, but still clean. 

Hopefully, in the new versions you don't remove more functionality.

This is exciting! Thanks team.