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Making moves
Status: New idea

I, as a Firefox User in a company using Ldap, want to have the ability to link several credentials together,

so that I can respect the "Update Password every 30 days"-Policy of my company without having to change 20 unique domain-entries in Firefox every 30 Days.

User Acceptance Criteria (suggestion of ...):

  • A label shall be used (and restricted to be unique to avoid confusion?) and displayed as a tag aside the credentials when suggesting credentials on a domain (on_right_click on a password field of a page)
  • (Technical suggestion, but you know better: the credentials are saved for the label and the domain entries are linked to this Label)
  • The MAIN criteria of this feature: Changing one of the domain will update all the domains linked to the label
  • Of course, a single domain might still have several entries some of them clustered, some others not
  • In the list of passwords (link part of about:logins), the clusters are shown grouped
  • No more "Password duplicate warnings" if this analysis still exist (I do not see it anymore, but I guess I saw a kind-of-hash-analysis to suggest the user to use different passwords per website) (note: I might be confused with the nextcloud password feature)
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