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Status: In review


In Firefox Mobile and Firefox it would be useful to clear history and cache of websites visited that is older than a certain amount of time or before a specific date. For example, clear data that is older the 3 months, or older 6 months, or older than 14.04.22. At the moment you can only clear recent data or everything.

This would allow you to free space used up by cached files on websites that you are not visiting frequently or recently. This is particularly handy if your mobile device does not have much free storage, but you still want to benefit from reduced download time of having cached files from websites you visit regularly or websites you have visited recently and will look at again soon but will not likely visit again in the long term.

Thank you for upvoting this idea!

Strollin' around

You can use plugin —— Clear Cache
I think  it will help you

Making moves

wat if firefox automatically cleaning history and something like from 2 week or 1 month

Status changed to: In review
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Here with another exciting update…

This idea has been upgraded to "In review" which means it will be brought to our internal teams for review—learn more about The Idea Journey. As soon as we have another update on its status, we’ll let you know right here in the comment section.

Stay tuned 😃

-The Community Team

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Similar to the way I manage e-mail (eg, Gmail or Outlook), emails put in the "Trash" folder are auto-deleted when they reach a configurable number of days old (each individual message's date is considered when determining that message's deletion date)

Note I put "Trash" in quotes because I use it like a conveyor belt that leads to that message's demise after it reaches the end of the belt.

As OP has expressed, I'd like to do the same for Firefox history please.

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Yes to this - ideally automatically after X days, like Safari.

Community Manager
Community Manager

(Note: a similar idea has been merged into this thread)

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Hi Jon, Thanks for approving the idea but its not the same to the previously published idea.

The major difference in my proposed idea is that you never flush the saved history or saved cache, but reset the page browsed/loaded history and cache from computer Memory (RAM) which is stored in "GO BACK" button. It's similar to closing the browser tab.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for the heads up, @rashidali7! Your idea is now approved and can be found here:

Limit Go Back History - Improve Browser Performance 

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I also don't want keep my history indefinitely.

BTW clearing a site from history takes about 10 seconds 😞

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I  fully agree with this request. There should be an option to delete history of more than a day or 3 items in history.

Remembering history is mostly useful if you accidentally close the tab or browser.