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Status: In review


In Firefox Mobile and Firefox it would be useful to clear history and cache of websites visited that is older than a certain amount of time or before a specific date. For example, clear data that is older the 3 months, or older 6 months, or older than 14.04.22. At the moment you can only clear recent data or everything.

This would allow you to free space used up by cached files on websites that you are not visiting frequently or recently. This is particularly handy if your mobile device does not have much free storage, but you still want to benefit from reduced download time of having cached files from websites you visit regularly or websites you have visited recently and will look at again soon but will not likely visit again in the long term.

Thank you for upvoting this idea!

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I'm good now that someone pointed out the f9 option, at least on my pc. There are several things I haven't figured out on my android phone.............