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Status: In review


In Firefox Mobile and Firefox it would be useful to clear history and cache of websites visited that is older than a certain amount of time or before a specific date. For example, clear data that is older the 3 months, or older 6 months, or older than 14.04.22. At the moment you can only clear recent data or everything.

This would allow you to free space used up by cached files on websites that you are not visiting frequently or recently. This is particularly handy if your mobile device does not have much free storage, but you still want to benefit from reduced download time of having cached files from websites you visit regularly or websites you have visited recently and will look at again soon but will not likely visit again in the long term.

Thank you for upvoting this idea!

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I  fully agree with this request. There should be an option to delete history of more than a day or 3 items in history.

Remembering history is mostly useful if you accidentally close the tab or browser. 

Making moves

i would love to have this for multiple reasons.
1. it will take less data on device.
2. old/useless data is automatic gone.
3. you don't need to delete unnecessary data manually.
4. you don't lose your latest data.

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History is useful. (I was just reading something about that last week, now what was it?)

But having history stretch out for months is beyond annoying I really only need the last week and perhaps the last month. But as noted I can clear the last hour, day, ... or everything. So I clear everything, and then find myself trying to recreate something I should be able to look up in a moment.

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I'd really like to see this feature, too.

@DebraBIt's important to make a distinction between "history" (list of URLs you visited) and "cache" (list of files you downloaded on those occasions). You can clean up the cache and still keep your history.

For files, especially for images, servers tend to define long cache lifespans, often a year or more. In image-heavy applications such as social media, those files build up over time, but you might rarely ever need them again after a couple of days, so keeping them around for that long will do nothing but clutter up your disk.

Having the option to dial down cache lifespans on a per-site basis would help keep wasted disk space at a minimum on sites that see heavy use and contain many large files.

Making moves

@Jonis there any new update about this idea? It's been in review for a long time.

Strollin' around

I would love to see the feature. Brings some privacy with it. I always have to clear the cache out when a website has problems. why not clear the cache from the tab maybe instead of going to settings but also setting a timeframe to delete history and cache data at a specific timeframe?

Making moves