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Status: Delivered

With version 98.0 the saving of .exe files won't ''ask me'' if i want to save the file like in previous versions.I read that the default saving attitude now is auto-saving. I have changed to ''always ask'' most of my content type like it was before, but the .exe type is missing. Please fix this on next version because a misclick - autosaving a .exe file can make things pretty bad. I have tried finding the ''Old Firefox'' folder in order to replace my old prefs.js but i guess newer versions have stopped using that folder.So please fix it.

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This is not a new idea. It comes from a previous firefox feature, that is now removed.

As a researcher, I need to open many endnote, excel, word and pdf files instead of saving them to a specific folder. This was one of the main reasons single users like me prefer firefox over chrome. In the last firefox update, this feature was removed, and now files can only be saved. Please remove this option and let the users choose choose whether files should be opened or downloaded by default.

Please stop imitating chrome, it is always bad. Stop forcing us add unnecessary steps to open said files.

Status changed to: In review
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Here with another exciting update…

This idea has been upgraded to "In review" which means it will be brought to our internal teams for review—learn more about The Idea Journey. As soon as we have another update on its status, we’ll let you know right here in the comment section.

Stay tuned 😃

-The Community Team

Status changed to: In development
Community Manager
Community Manager

Great news!

Our teams have reviewed this idea (and the supporting comments) and the feature is now "In development."

A product manager will add a comment here shortly with more info.

-The Community Team


Thank you very much for your feedback. We are fixing this issue using the proposed solution here (image below). Feel free to follow this bug to track our progress or stay tuned here for updates on when it will be delivered.


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Great. For Firefox too please.

Strollin' around

Great. Firefox too please.

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As long as the pop-up opens when downloading a file allowing the user to choose whether to "Open with [selection box with app options]" or "Save As," that will make me happy. This feature was the main feature that kept me using Firefox since mid-late 2000s. I was very sad to see it go away in v98 and had me thinking of switching to other browsers. This image from @Venetia appears to be the same setting as before, so hopefully the end result will be the same.

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Many thanks to Jon and Venetia for providing us the latest updates about the issue and ofcourse for not letting this idea sink. And also i'm thankful for all the guys (and ladies if any) that found time to upvote-comment here making this post strong and be the one to take into consideration.

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Yes please! Bring "Always Ask" back as an option for all downloads. And please leave it there for the foreseeable future.

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~10 years used ff, ~2-3 year every focus update hurt me a lot, can't downgrade version because a lot personal info can't transfer, it make me rewrite everything info/password again
and now with last update, i think a big problem on ff's team, how u think are safe autodownload a lot files, inclued a "EXECUTABLE file" in yrs 20xx ?
i manual change everything setting always ask in everything files, it not happen before last update.

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Firefox used to be the only browser which allowed to download and open files without saving them to PC, and it is a much treasured function, which doesn't clutter my download folder.  However, this function is removed after the previous update.

Although it can be changed back via about:config, see here, it is a more troublesome set-up than what we needed to do previously.  And I also fear that this function would be removed by Firefox.  Please do not take away this good function, and please revert the setup back to the more user friendly one to provide users an option to do what they wish.

Making moves


seriously! it is the absolute most annoying thing in the world to have random files auto-downloaded.

I want to approve each download before it happens, is there still a way to do this?
Firefox no longer shows the dialog because downloads are usually intentional. Having to click a second time for a download to start is usually unnecessary.

what kind of HUBRIS is this??!?!!

  • users say they WANT to approve each download.
  • users ASK how they can approve each download.
  • mozilla disables the feature.
  • mozilla tells users they are wrong.

does anybody else find this behaviour absolutely ridiculous?!?!?!

because downloads are usually intentional

oh, so because you think downloads are usually "intentional", then ALL downloads of ALL users should be BLINDLY saved to disc WITHOUT WARNING; and deliberately and actively remove any possibility for the users to actually review EXACTLY WHAT is being downloaded.


"intentional" downloads??!?! yeah because when i visit a page that has an auto-download script, then i LOVE finding surprise EXEs on my disk.

click a link to see what file i would actually get? hmm no i dont want that one - click cancel. OH BUT NOW YOU CANT DO THAT ANYMORE. WHY DONT I JUST CHANGE TO USE CHROME INSTEAD, IF I WANT THIS CRAPPY ANNOYING BEHAVIOUR.


for anyone late to the game (like me), disable the downgrade here:

PS - this setting should also be renamed as "regression_to_download_panel"

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I decided to stick with FF v97 and disabled auto update until the feature is returned. Also, don't want to change config as I remember how insanely Google started pursuing tab grid layout in their mobile version, cutting and blocking the config settings that reverted the "improvement". It was a year-long war in which users have lost, Google blocked all possible config settings. Not sure Mozilla won't do that.

Making moves

Please bring back the download prompt from Firefox 97! The tech industry seriously needs to stop copying Chrome and iPhone! Google and Apple DO NOT know better, despite their massive egos.

If I wanted to use Chrome, I'd use Chrome! Accepting all downloads a website throws at you by default is a huge security risk. We cannot rely on the ethics of a website to not send a download, without being asked (clicked). It should be up to the browser to provide this choice and protection.

Additionally, telling me to change the setting to enable the file picker/saver is not a good solution, as I may sometimes wish to simply open the download from the temp location for a moment, without storing it in downloads or whatever.

You're not the first to try copying this dumb behaviour from Chrome. Microsoft did it TWICE with both iterations of Edge and both times the community forced Microsoft to implement the traditional download prompt from IE.

Stop copying Chrome and bring back the traditional download prompt from FF97 please!

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PLEASE help me find a way around this 'so called' improvement of auto downloading any attachment or file to my Downloads folder without any choice from me. I have checked (and have had checked forever) the 'always ask' in General settings - now this functionality DOES NOT WORK - IT IS A waste of time, the file auto-saves to Download directory. When prompt asks what you want to do, it auto downloads and saves IN THE BACKGROUND even if you say open and do NOT check save option. This is a MAJOR frustration, makes extra work for me to have to remember to go back to Downloads to delete all these files that just pile up, where I separately saved-off the file as usual to my other, separate intended directory, or not save it at all. We should have the right to make that decision on whether or not we want to save it to our computers and take up space. PLEASE RESET THAT FUNCTIONALITY TO WHAT IS WAS BEFORE v. 99.0. THANK YOU.