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Making moves
Status: In review

Progressive Web apps are an important feature of a browser that Firefox is the only one missing.
For some, it can be the reason to switch to another browser.
In other cases like for the Steamdeck, it's what imposed the choice to only include Chrome in the SteamOS interface.
Other problem even for avid Firefox users, since I wanted Social apps on my pc I had to get them on the Microsoft Store which is an Edge PWA that opens every link in an Edge window, making me use this... other browser.

New member

I agree. For me it's all about running business apps (Teams specifically, but I suspect more are coming), without the need for Chrome or Edge.

Looks to me like this is going to be a basic requirement for browsers in the near future, so let's get ahead of it.

New member

Exactly we are not asking for ATHS which in my opinion is a quite patetic feature. It's something that has been available for years on any browser and I didn't use it even once. 

We are asking for full PWA support, just like for any other Chromium based browser out there, seems like a plain simple request to me. I don't understand why people want to make this conversation so complicated with useless technical details and such...just bring back PWA, it's in the title

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Looking around, Firefox already supports most PWA features/APIs. It's primarily just missing support for web app manifests and the ability to install web apps (ATHS or whatever you want to call it). There's some newer background synchronisation APIs that's missing too, but that can come later.

I don't expect non-developers to know exactly what is missing though and I'm sure whichever developers pick up this task will know exactly what needs to be done to produce a meaningful PWA feature.

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I have to use edge or chrome to simply get a shortcut to an app on my computer. It might force me to switch browsers in the future

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I would also like to voice my support for PWAs. They are an important part of the future of the web. And I also have no idea why this post was labeled with the "bitcoin" tag...

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Dropping PWAs in Firefox was such a dumb move

Seriously guys, you really forced me to stick with chromium based browsers because I can't use Firefox as main browser because Mozilla decided to drop PWAs 🙄

Like guys, come on

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Please implement the feature! This is the biggest reason I can't persuade my friends to use Firefox. Also, adding this feature can help people avoid installing Electron-based desktop apps and use the PWA version - most people that download desktop apps are merely for minimized browser UI and an icon in the launcher or on the desktop.


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Resuming support for this would almost completely eliminate my need to use a Chromium based browser. Other than implementing new CSS features, this is most important feature I would like to see in a browser, and currently Firefox is lagging behind.

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As a daily Firefox user at home and at work I would like to have PWA support in Firefox again! You are doing a great job already but with PWA support it would be awesome 🙂

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It's the only reason I still use Chrome.
PLEASE bring back shortcuts for sites!   It's 2023, we need icons on the taskbar.

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I use Firefox for most of my browsing needs. I have to use Edge for PWAs, and I have 4 of them that I use daily!.

Its been over a year since this idea is in review. Please implement this.

Making moves

What's wrong with using just the normal site on the browser?

New member

@JeppieIt is like when my teacher doesn't make the youtube video fullscreen and says: what's wrong using it minimized?

It is simply that is fits better your needs.

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@JeppieThe web is moving toward PWAs. Firefox doesn't have an answer for Electron, but robust PWA support can be that answer.

Microsoft has dropped support for Teams on Linux and are moving strictly toward Teams web app. Google has always been about PWAs, if you think about it. Most of your day to day use websites can become PAWs with offline and notifications support!

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Hybrid Apps for the Web & WebGPU are the future, as adoption of features like those increases then PWA's will start seeing more & more uses open up


and more will be able to be accomplished through webview instead of full-blown apps. Instant apps on Android