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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status: New idea

**Heads up: all incoming ideas require initial moderation to make sure they follow these guidelines. Therefore, your idea may not be visible to the community for up to 24-48 hours after posting.**

**Another heads up: if you edit your idea at any time after it has been posted, it will again go through the moderation process before becoming visible. But no worries, all votes and kudos will be restored during that process.**

Welcome to Ideas

A space for sharing, discussing, and voting for ideas to improve Mozilla products. 

Ideas will be regularly reviewed by the team at Mozilla for potential adoption. (How? Read this.) 

In addition to the Community Guidelines, here are the requirements for submitting to Ideas plus additional information for participating:

Always search first. 

Hey, great minds really do think alike! If a similar idea already exists, you can rally around the idea by adding your vote and joining the discussion. That will help your favorite ideas reach the amount of votes needed to be reviewed by Mozilla. 

No bug reports or support requests. 

Let’s get those to the proper place right away so they can be quickly resolved. Reporting a bug? Go to Bugzilla. Seeking support for performance issues? Visit our Help Center

One idea per post.

We know you have plenty of great ideas and we want to hear them all! But be sure to submit your ideas individually so they each get the proper attention from other community members and ultimately the internal teams at Mozilla. 

Be clear and detailed. 

Give your idea a clear title and then provide the necessary details—feel free to also use supporting images and/or videos to explain your feature request. The more information, the better! 

Labels are your best friend. 

Use labels to clearly categorize your idea. Be specific. If it’s for desktop, select the desktop label. Or if it’s for mobile, select the mobile label and appropriate operating system. You get the picture. Product teams receive reports based on specific labels, so use this step to make your idea easier to find and get in front of the right people.

Please post your ideas in English.

While we are proudly an international company, English is the official language of the community and also how we communicate internally. As the community grows, we will explore localization efforts. 

Note: Submissions that don’t meet the above requirements will be closed to the community. 

Bonus Tips

Remember the Idea Journey begins once you submit your idea. Follow along for potential status updates and be ready to respond to comments from other community members. 

Kudos equals votes. If you like an idea that has already been posted, give it a kudos (👍) and add your input in the comment section for that idea.

Ready, set, share