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Making moves
Status: In review

Progressive Web apps are an important feature of a browser that Firefox is the only one missing.
For some, it can be the reason to switch to another browser.
In other cases like for the Steamdeck, it's what imposed the choice to only include Chrome in the SteamOS interface.
Other problem even for avid Firefox users, since I wanted Social apps on my pc I had to get them on the Microsoft Store which is an Edge PWA that opens every link in an Edge window, making me use this... other browser.

Making moves

Although the idea of PWA's is nice, at moment i'm glad Firefox does NOT support it...

In todays world where so many script kiddies are active, i don't need another "attack vector" especially for Linux.
The Linux community so far demands that ALL software be inspect able for their code BEFORE needing to install them, OpenSource...

Allowing PWA's would open a can of worms where the code you install would not be able to be supervised by independed specialist....

So i'm glad that the needed Know-How is a bit higher as plain Web-languages for most software that can be installed on Linux, it keeps the script-kiddies at least behind that fence 😜

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Why not a PWA like support where any webpage can be turned into it's own profile?

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The lack of PWA is quite frustrating. It has been a while since PWAs is among the top requested features. I hope it gets pushed into development soon as it would greatly improve FF.

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+1 for this. Firefox is quickly falling behind to Chrome and MS Edge in features.  I keep Firefox for the security and privacy, but still wish it had some of the useful features of other browsers.  Please consider implementing PWAs.

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Keep in mind that FireFox mobile for iOS DOES SUPPORT PWA!

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Here's a message for those saying PWAs should not be implemented for security reasons:

PWAs offer a secure and enhanced web app experience, with several built-in security mechanisms. Surely, there are vulnerabilities but most of them mainly depends on the user's incompetence than anything else.

Security benefits of PWAs:

  1. HTTPS-enforced: PWAs are required to be served over HTTPS, which encrypts all traffic between the user's browser and the server, making it more difficult for attackers to intercept and manipulate data.

  2. Service worker sandboxing: PWAs utilize service workers, which operate in a sandboxed environment, limiting their ability to interact with the underlying operating system and other applications, reducing the potential attack surface.

  3. Scope-limited access: PWAs are restricted to specific origins or URLs, preventing them from accessing unauthorized data or resources on the user's device.

  4. Updatable: PWAs can be updated automatically, ensuring users always have the latest security patches and fixes.

  5. Content caching: PWAs can cache content locally, reducing the need for frequent network requests, which can lower the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks.

  6. Offline functionality: PWAs can function offline, eliminating the possibility of web-based attacks that rely on an active internet connection.

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I've started using Brave because of this. Now I use PWA via Brave.

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I can't find any option to install a web apps, so is there any option to install web apps or PWA in firefox. I read some where that it is not available in the newer version of firefox. So is there any alternative there to use the feature.

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We should really have PWA support again. I hate using Edge for this.

Making moves

At the very least SSB capabilities should be brought back. That the -ssb was removed is absolutely puzzling. Back to Chromium it is

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Slightly puzzled here.

I would like to see Firefox include this function again - however I can create SSB - or PWA shortcuts if you like - using Vivaldi, or Brave.

Actually, I can use a webapp manager webapp-manager using whatever browser is available... so it's a shame that nobody bothers to do this for any other OS.

However, I can still use Firefox for my default browser - and use Pop-out when I just want a discrete pop-out window for a website.

People saying they must SWITCH browsers or be forced to  use EDGE or CHROME due to this is frankly ridiculous, bordering on some kind of attempted blackmail.

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I use half-a-dozen PWA's every single day at work - and must use Edge to do so - on Linux no less! This is a bonkers situation.

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I'm creating a PWA and I used to use Firefox as my primary browser, but since they do have support for them, I had to make a move to the Microsoft Edge browser and the chromium browser. The people that use my app, will also have to move away from FF. It's up to you guys on how many people you want to lose because you're not keeping up with the times. It's all about the apps now.

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Please add PWA support (again)! So many people use so many web apps every day, on every OS, on every device! The addon that one person made isn't super great (I really appreciate the developer though! <3), but I'm using as my last thread of hope for Firefox.

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Not having the addition of this feature is a major downside of Firefox. Please listen to your community and implement this.