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Making moves
Status: In review

Progressive Web apps are an important feature of a browser that Firefox is the only one missing.
For some, it can be the reason to switch to another browser.
In other cases like for the Steamdeck, it's what imposed the choice to only include Chrome in the SteamOS interface.
Other problem even for avid Firefox users, since I wanted Social apps on my pc I had to get them on the Microsoft Store which is an Edge PWA that opens every link in an Edge window, making me use this... other browser.

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Firefox not submitting to the will of Google and Microsoft is a feature, not a bug. If PWAs are so important to you, you should use Edge or Chrome. That leaves people who've had enough of PWAs, like me, to enjoy to use #Firefox. If Firefox were to go back on their promise, there'd be no browsers left that haven't been infected with PWA support. Firefox is offering an important service to people.

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Please please bring back this feature. I don't trust chrome but want to use PWAs. Thanks.

Status changed to: Trending idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all, 

Here with an exciting update…

Your idea has quickly received a great deal of votes (kudos) and support here in the Mozilla Connect community, so we are upgrading the status to “Trending idea.” This means it’s now one step closer to reaching our internal teams for review—learn more about The Idea Journey

Please keep the conversation going and stay tuned for updates 😃

-The Community Team

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I really wanna switch to Firefox for all my browsing, but not being able to share state (mainly sign in state) between my main browser and my installed PWAs is a dealbreaker for me.

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Saw this on trending. Supported.

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+1 for this idea. As a dev making B2B apps, PWAs are by far the winner anytime I go over a cost-benefit analysis with a client. Personally, I enjoy the Youtube Music and Google Maps PWAs. I wish the WhatsApp, Slack, and Facebook Messenger desktop apps were all just PWAs as well.

Making moves

Hopefully this will be implemented so.. we can drop Cr project for OEM distribution and use firefox natively.

Making moves

I know that this was dropped due to PWAs usage not being that high (a "regular" user won't even know what they are/how they work), but I believe we Tech community really take advantage of it and this will be one major thing that will make people leave for Chromium browsers.

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Important reasons to add PWAs to Firefox.

  • Prevents the need for multiple browsers (Firefox for main browser, Chomium for PWAs).
  • Removes the artificially inflated Chromium/Chrome popularity (a small amount, but still something).
  • Increases Firefox's presence on popular frequently travelled sites (the typically used PWAs).
  • This puts pressure on sites to better support Firefox as a browser.
  • This helps halt the progression of the web being overtaken by the chromium based browsers (we all remember what the web was like when sites only supported IE right??).

Firefox is currently fighting a losing battle with Chrome and dumping a useful feature that forces more users into Chrome is only going to make that worse.

Reasons why PWAs are often better than native apps:

  • Most web apps that have a "native" app are Electron aka wrapped Chromium (see points above).
  • Opening 3 electron apps opens 3 separate instances of Chromium eating up unnecessary resources.
  • A PWA version of an app will allow the end user to add extensions to enhance the app experience.
  • With extensions you also get easy ad and tracker blocking, so the PWA version is also more private and possibly has better performance.

I also get the impressions that with Firefox's new Multi-Account Container feature, part of the work is already done. There are so many reasons to add this functionality.

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Please firefox team bring the progressive web apps feature before version 100.

It is very important feature because the people will try to switch to firefox the lack of this feature will make them switch back to chrome because its very handy to access web apps like native apps.

It will also give competitive advantage against safari