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Making moves
Status: New idea

A suggestion that I believe would greatly benefit Firefox would be the adoption of the technologies of the moment: Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Deep Learning. Widely used by AMD and NVIDIA in their high-end GPUs for better graphics/performance in games and other software. Both are focusing more on making intelligent software improvements using AI.

1. One way to use artificial intelligence to improve Firefox's performance would be to apply machine learning algorithms to optimize browser settings, according to the user's profile and preferences. 

For example: Firefox could learn which sites a user visits most and preload them in the background to reduce waiting times. Or, Firefox could automatically adjust the “Performance” option in the settings, to balance memory and processor usage, according to user demand.

2. Another way to use A.I. to speed up the browser would be to implement artificial intelligence systems that could assist the browsing engine.

For example: Firefox could use artificial neural networks to analyze the source code of web pages, and identify possible errors or inefficiencies that could affect their loading or rendering. Or, you could use genetic algorithms to evolve your own source code, seeking faster and more robust solutions to the problems encountered.

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New member

Huh? You don't need AI to do these things, especially that first one.

Your post, in particular your second example, reads like somebody who found some AI buzzwords yet knows very little about how this stuff actually works. AI is not a silver bullet; you can't just blindly use it on all problems without thinking critically about the domain.

Making moves

When will Artificial Interfaces comprehend the differences in verbal expressions? Doing this will make Firefox worse than Opera, Edge, and Safari. How can Deep Learning comprehend or synthesize anything we verbalize, picture, or imply? Where is mankind going?

Strollin' around


1. changing user profile: I would hate it if a program changes my profile, my settings and preferences. I take the time to understand the settings and configure the software to my preferences and needs, and this should not be overwritten or modified.

2. If a browser starts to change the code on a web site, it could become a different web site, and the web site may behave differently than intended. If you want to use AI to work around errors, it would be better if Firefox points out these errors and proposes a way to avoid them. Let the user choose (for lazy users there can be an option to always follow Firefox's suggestions). But is must not be mandatory / automatically.