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Making moves
Status: New idea

Hi. Can you use normal setting for opened TB tabs?

I can see new message as red point in right side. Not new windows share. And too, can see opened program on in right side.

In settings, i can set only:
- normal win, opened program in icon + program win tabs (new message, opened mesages in new window)
- or hide opened program in icon, but show in right side + program win tabs

this is about checkbox
TB - Nastaveni - Obecne -
[x] pri minimalizaci TB ho presunout do oznamovaci oblasti
TB - Nastaveni - Obecne - prichozi posta
[x] zobrazovat upozorneni
[ ] pouzit systemova nastaveni (none, i not need show detail new message, not need send data for windows messager)

i need only passive red point on icon in left menu or right. Sometime i look, see red point, read message. Other animation its so disturbing, lose concentration in any work. Any motion in jungle = lion, run to safe. New message is not lion. may be for some type of work job, not for my. i can check it too in 20 min interval. Or something do abou 90 min, then check mail.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Making moves

Add more, when I see a big problem.

I opened a message. Minimize the main window.
- Have too icons, on left menu, on right bar menu. This is ok.
- Have opened only the message window
Now, new message on the right icon shows me a red point. Ok
- I typically click on the left icon, but the left icon close opened message. But I can open the message list, for see new message. I click more, more on left icon, list not show. I must click on the right icon.
- Left icon not work, show/hide message, not open TB list with messages (i use TB as full list of messages, and open message in window, no in frame)