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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

When multiselecting folders/bookmarks, you should add an option to move/copy to another folder, not just an option to share

Firefox Mobile 

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Strollin' around

How ignorant that you can SELECT multiple bookmarks, but then the ONLY available option is to DELETE them, with NO option to move them to an already created folder. I don't WANT to sync because I have separate research topics on my laptop and on my smartphone, and want to KEEP them separate. A smarter option is to offer one repository for "Mobile" Firefox, and one for the Full Desktop Firefox, then allow SELECTED importing between the two.  Why are you all handicapping yourselves like this? Each NEW "Mobile" version seems only to TAKE AWAY the most useful features (like printing) of the PREVIOUS version! 😞 When will it stop?

New member

Agree. Firefox really need this function to move multi bookmarks between folders. That well be very useful and helpful to sort out the bookmarks.