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Two-step authentication in Firefox Accounts is cumbersome; can't they implement biometric authentication?

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It would be of a great ease and more secure if Mozilla adds the biometric authenrication to view saved logins in Firefox and same feature while auto filling the username, so that the password is kept secure. The biometric authentication data is to be taken from the Windows Biometic Authentication called as Windows Hello just like the web browser Microsoft Edge do.


Biometrics can be used to quickly verify user is still the one that owns the OS user account. But I doubt it can be used to replace 2FA completely. When user signs in on a new device, that device biometrics is not yet confirmed or linked to user's encryption keys.

Also, biometrics has a problem with breaches. Imagine somehow your biometric fingerprint is stolen. How would you change your "password"? Replacing faces and fingers are not cheap 🙂

We are looking forward to add more biometrics uses when accessing sensitive data (passwords, credit cards, etc.). Stay tuned!