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Making moves
Status: In development

I recently imported my bookmarks from a previous Firefox install, and the icons were all a grey globe icon. When I clicked on them and used the bookmark link for a while, the icon generally changes to something linked to the webpage (such as an Excel icon, or Sharepoint icon). It would be better if the icons populate themselves without me having to individually click on them all.

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Load and sync icons on toolbar

You can only load icons manually (opening the website(s)), so it is interesting to load automatically bookmark icons because I/We prefer when icons load, as well Firefox should synchronize these icons because when we reinstall Firefox, every icon loaded is excluded, and reload icons again is unnecessary

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Strollin' around

This phenomenon has been around for a long times. After a new installation, Firefox sync empty bookmarks icons, and only after browsing is the sites refreshed. For instance, all Chrome browsers sync "icon thumbnails" also. It is easy among bookmark sites to look at and find a specific one by picture.

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The installation and setup experience was fast, smooth and beautiful! Thank you for all the hard work that has probably gone into that. The imported bookmarks missing icons was the only visual glitch in the on-boarding experience. The icons do show up fine after first clicking on the bookmarks.

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The point is if you have, for example, dozens of bookmarks. And after the fresh installation of the browser, according to you, I should click on every bookmark to refresh the view, solely for this purpose? It's about visibility and the facility of use.

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It's a mystery why Firefox can't be bothered to update the icon cache.

Making moves

How about a function that checks your bookmarks (regularly or on demand) and also checks for dead links? Although perhaps that should be left to an addon. Just a thought.

Making moves

@KERRyou are on the right track!  I have a lot of old links in my bookmarks, some of which inevitably go dead.  The icon refresh feature would help to identify them, especially if it could be manually triggered, but a feature to check bookmarks for dead links would also be helpful.

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Me too, I saw this issue. Maybe happens because icon is stored separately from the bookmark file itself.

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Hello everybody! I came here for post the same idea/request. When I reinstalled windows or osx had the same problem. I must click on every icon to know what it is. Also I don't use the tags or name for the icon. Another thing maybe is the ability to put some folder icons.. So, cheers to all the people on mozilla. Thanks!