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Making moves
Status: New idea

having a lot of bookmarks is helpful

but after a certain time, many of them might be outdated, servers go offline, topics move out of interest etc.

so cleaning up bookmarks can be a useful feature and might be helpful to re-organize firefox

i would love to have a function for cleaning up firefox bookmarks


it could be within the bookmarks menu

when i want to clean up i would love to insert a date, which should be the maximum age of bookmarks


a date which should be the maximum of "last visited" bookmarks


a server / toplevel domain

of which i would like to clean up everything


a keyword which should be searched


and then, after having done this,

my bookmark menu should have a checkbutton behind all those bookmarks and bookmark threads, which contain such bookmarks, long-ago-visited-bookmarks, keyword bookmarks etc

and then i would like to be able to uncheck those checkbuttons if i want to keep those

and then delete

or move to a "older bookmarks section"

or simply delete all checked up boomkmarks withou looking again at them


a color markup of those found by my preferences (last visited etc) would be also nice for a better overview.

within the marked up bookmark threads i would like to be able to just uncheck a bookmarkmenu/ threa, so that all marked-for-deletion bookmarks would then be uncecked so that i can keep certain menus intact


while i would perhaps like to check other menus for deletion without havin all bookmarks in them found by my search, because these ran out of interest for me



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