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Status: New idea

Wikipedia mobile pages render with sections collapsed. (hidden?)  When I search for something in the page, the results include only what is in the non-collapsed sections.

If I then open a section that includes search term, the search results do not change.

Only when I open the section, AND edit the search term (say, delete & restore its last letter,) do the search results update.


1.  Have a search option to include or omit collapsed sections.

2.  While the search is open, and the user opens a collapsed section, automatically update the search results.  (This infers also updating results when a section is collapsed.)

I leave it to HTML experts how to distinguish collapsed content text from menu items, mouseover pop-ups, alt text, and other more “structural” text content.

Status changed to: New idea
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Let me give an example. Search for "HyAB" on The search bar will report a single match, but you won't see it.