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Hi everyone,

I've been using Thunderbird as my main mail application for the past few month or so and I've found that it will not grab mail when the app is closed because it does not seem to have a background service responsible for this. Would it be possible to make a background process that stays open even when you exit out of the app and gets new mail and notifies you?


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Familiar face

In windows, you turn on the setting "when Thunderbird is closed, minimize to tray."

There is nothing for non Windows systems.

New member

I have a similar request.

I never normally close Thunderbird I just minimise it when it is not in active use.  When I restore the window I usually note that the new message counters have updated while the app was idle but the actual messages are not fetched.  I need to visit each folder and then wait for the messages to be downloaded and the folder lists to be updated.

My wrinkle on the original wish is that I am happy to leave Thunderbird running but I would like it to fetch messages and update all the folders even when it is idle and minimised.  I don't want to manually force updates when I restore the windows and want to process my email.