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Status: New idea

As for now the themes for homepage is kind of boring.

1: Add clear colors

2: Option to to add your own background.

No add-on, no fiddling around. Just choose..

Anyway..Love firefox 🙂


Status changed to: New idea
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Wallpaper Customisation

Currently we cannot add wallpapers of our own choice from the gallery/file manager. Please add such an option.(The Opera Browser has such option)

Making moves

Even Microsoft let's you, it's sad

Making moves

Homepage wallpaper in Firefox like Microsoft edge have. Kindly add this feature 

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ability to add own images to mobile homepage and or more options in general

I like customization, I bet a lot do.

And firefox on PC is fairly customizable and for mobile it's ahead of others but could be better

I think ability to add own images for background on homepage would be a nice, and I assume simple addition, have 1 at a time or a "cache" of 3-5 would work.

Some built in themes would be nice like I would LOVE to have a alpenglow/radiane theme in mobile even just on homepage. But app wide would be amazing!

Also some basic color themes from the colorways thing done a while back on mobile would be cool to have as well, could bring em back to pc too as I loves just switching em quickly based on my mood or time of day

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Custom Wallpapers

Currently, Firefox mobile only has 6 wallpapers and no custom option. I think it would be good to be able to have custom wallpapers.

Here is very quick a mockup of this idea:Saturday, 22 Apr 2023 23_30_34.png


Making moves

Custom homepage on ff android

Default ff android  homepages are boring and offer next to no customizibility , something like chrome or any other browser where user and set a custome page can be implemented here 

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Mobile version improving: Custom wallpapers on homescreen

The standard wallpaper is quite beautiful, but sometimes you get bored, you want something of your own. I propose to add the possibility to add your own wallpaper from the gallery or URL links.

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I agree with your idea. The standard backgrounds aren't bad, but they are very few and can quickly get boring, the ability to upload your own wallpaper from your phone or by URL would be just great.

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@Jon Even Microsoft edge has this feature. ☹️