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Making moves
Status: New idea

hello. more and more websites, still not all, ask you to accept their cookies.

some ask you accept, accept partly or reject.

some ask only to accept or partly accept,

some of them only ask for accept

 i am tired of this question

my cookie cleaner deletes all cookies anyway.



if i would have a preference setting that i would generally accept all cookies from everybody

or only technically neccessary cookies

or no cookies at all

it would be nice to let the browser do automatically the answer to any popup window on any website asking me for this

espacially in both the cases "i always accept everything" or "i always reject all cookies/accept only necessary ones"

i dont know if this would be possible, but it would be a great innovation

Community Manager
Community Manager
Making moves

This is functionality for a plug-in, as supporting every different popup on pages is not a task easily done with some general function. I have used this plugin.

Making moves

It was supposed to come to Firefox Nightly according to this article:

and it is part of Firefox nightly. This is part of the settings page in Firefox Nightly 124.
Cookie Banner Blocker
When a site asks if they can use cookies in private browsing mode, Nightly automatically refuses for you. Only on supported sites. Learn More
Automatically refuse cookie banners

But it doesn't work. Does someone know why not or perhaps if it's being worked on. I am willing to assist.
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