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Here's a problem I regularly encounter: I view a .pdf file in Firefox and after some reading I decide that I want to download it. I click the download button and the save dialogue opens. The default name for the file will frequently be some random string (vdefjh42hk.pdf), or some very generic description (article.pdf). I want to change the file name to the actual title of the .pdf. However, I can neither interact with the pdf viewing screen without closing the save screen, nor move the save screen independently of the pdf viewing screen. This means that I can neither copy-paste the title from the .pdf into the save dialogue, nor move the save dialogue to a place that allows me to see the title and type it. So I resort to downloading the .pdf with the default name, then opening the Downloads folder an renaming it there.

Proposed solution:

  • Allow moving the save screen independently of the main window.
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@andiaskaniwhat operating system are you using?

Making moves

What environment are you using that doesn't allow you to move the Save As screen?

I've checked in Windows 8, Linux with XFCE, Linux with i3 and Linux with KDE, in all of them the Save As dialog is a dialog from the graphics service and not a toast / fullscreen, so it should be as movable as *any* other window in the system (eg.: grab the titlebar in Windows, Alt + grab anywhere on Linux).