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Status: New idea

Currently firefox for android only allows syncing bookmarks between devices using firefox sync. There is no option to import them from or export them to an html file. The desktop version allows this.

The problem is that not everyone wants to sync bookmarks. I just want to backup them locally when switching custom ROMs and firefox doesn't allow this. Also, this would make switching to firefox easier for people as they can import bookmarks from other browsers.

It would be great if Firefox add this on android and maybe on iOS too if it's possible there.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Making moves

i agree...

New member

This is what I came here to suggest! This feature is needed on the Android browser. I don't see why users have to request this feature, it should be a standard feature.

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Anyone who votes for this request should consider voting for this one, too:

Strollin' around

Exactly. I don't want my desktop bookmarks, nor to sync across devices, but I do want my bookmarks from my other browsers (Chrome; DuckDuckGo). I only ever used Chrome out of lack of options, while DuckDuckGo's lighter weight and easier to use but has some sites break and still isn't quite up with Firefox for privacy. Also, DuckDuckGo doesn't have a way to sync to the desktop even if I didn't mind that method of Firefox bookmarks, while it has probably 90%-95% of my bookmarks.

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Not having this feature is indeed a major drawback for firefox android. I have been using firefox as my main browser and after realising that I cannot export my bookmarks, I am reconsidering. As Spell said, not everyone wants to sync their bookmarks, because for example they have separate bookmarks in each device and do not want to mix them.