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Making moves
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Since updated Firefox beta to version 104, a new icon will pop up on taskbar when I open a new private window. I find this very inconvenient. Is it possible to add an option to disable this icon and return to the original behavior before v104 without using about:config?

Strollin' around

I believe it's quite necessary feature now, to differ the context in an easy way to access from the taskbar.

New member

Windows will throw the private browsing icon to the end of taskbar, causing separation and confusion and making you move your mouse more. You can pin the Private Browsing icon to have it beside the normal Firefox icon, but that's silly and a waste of space. This issue is made worse when you make Windows never combine taskbar icons.

New member

Why do I have this now? I am going to drop firefox if I can't fix this separation horrible idea...

New member

The setting in about:config no longer works. Fix this problem now.

Making moves