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Thunderbird works great as an rss feed reader. I especially like how Thunderbird saves each post as if it was an individual email in a mailbox dedicated to that rss feed which you can then apply filters just like you can do on any folder containing conventional emails. However, I have found no way to filter and save images embedded in individual rss feed posts, it can only be done manually.

Let me explain my two most common use cases: one can follow all posts by a Reddit user by creating an rss feed based on their user name. It was, and maybe still is, also possible to follow a Twitter account via Nitter by creating an rss feed in the form of their Twitter name.

So the issue as outlined above: There is no way I can see to filter and save images embedded in the individual rss feed posts, it can only be done manually by right clicking on an image in an individual saved rss “email” via Copy Image or Save Images As. I tried an extension called FiltaQuilla and enabled the “Save Attachments to” function and ran a filter on a mailbox but that didn’t work, I believe because images embedded or linked in rss feed “emails” are not technically attachments.

Mind you, these images are definitely locally cached or stored in Thunderbird’s database because as I said, one can save the images manually via right click. Also in some cases I noticed that the original Reddit post or Tweet has long been deleted off the internet by the original poster or a Reddit mod, but my Thunderbird mailbox still naturally contains the “emails” as part of my rss feed mailbox including the images.

So is there any filter or settings or extension that can auto save images embedded in rss feeds in Thunderbird? Or is manually right clicking and saving them one by one the only way?

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