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目前只能打开Excel, Word, Image...格式的附件。但是如果我的附件是DWG, IGS...格式时,虽然我的OS有安装能打开这些文件格式的软件,但我双击附件时,却总是显示保存或打开文件对话框,打开文件的程序列表里也没有相应的应用程序,我只能每次都浏览到该程序的位置然后打开。Thunderbird也无法记住该格式应该用哪个程序打开,每次都要重新选择,能否像Windows一样能记住该选择?可以“始终”用该应用打开或"仅次一次"方式打开,谢谢!

Currently, only attachments in Excel, Word, Image... formats can be opened. But if my attachment is in DWG, IGS... format, although my OS has software installed that can open these file formats, when I double-click the attachment, the save or open file dialog box and the program to open the file will always be displayed. There is no corresponding application in the list, so I can only browse to the location of the program and open it every time. Thunderbird also cannot remember which program should be used to open this format. It has to choose again every time. Can it remember the choice like Windows? You can open it with the app "always" or "only once", thank you!

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