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I use Firefox at work and our enterprise uses Microsoft Group Policy to enforce background updates of Firefox. This is fine and obviously a good idea for an enterprise. The problem I have is that when these updates happen, it forces Firefox to restart before a new tab or window can be opened. I have run into situations where I need to reauthenticate into an application to save my work, but can't because a new tab cannot be opened without restarting Firefox. In this situation I end up losing whatever unsaved work I have.

When using Firefox without Group Policy management one can choose to update in the background only while the browser is not running. Thus allowing the browser to be updated automatically but not risking forcing a restart while in the middle of work.

There are currently Group Policy options for "AppAutoUpdate" which forces the app to update while it is active and "BackgroundAppUpdate" which add the ability to force an update while the app is not running. What is missing is an option to force an update only while the app is not running. Having this option would allow administrators to force application updates, but not cause them to interfere with users working in the browser.

Please add a Group Policy option to only allow background updates while the application is not running.

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