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Making moves
Status: New idea

I would like to be able to have a second customizable toolbar where I could have things such as the back and forward arrows, a share button, and the refresh button easily to hand within one press. Something like the way Edge on Android has implemented it, with the main bar with the URL at the top, and the second bar at the bottom, would be great.

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New member

I would like my old tool bar back with the traditional File, Edit, View etc headings at the top of my browser and the old settings within those headings. I find this new version unusable and doesn't suit my needs from a toolbar

New member

I have an iPhone SE (2020), because the later Apple models are too big for my hands. I’m disappointed that the Firefox update for iOS seems to be incompatible with the slightly smaller screen. Now the bar for the URL is so compressed that I can’t click on it to type without hitting the little lock thing or the read mode. I much preferred having some stuff on the bottom bar - like adding new tabs - with the top bar having the url box. I’ve mucked around with the settings and can only find options for top or bottom bar, not splitting it up again. I love Firefox and find it much more user friendly and safe than other browsers but this really threatens its usability for me on mobile. I hope an update will add support for the split toolbars again.