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web pages / tiles not formatting / showing data properly +1 other

Making moves

(1) - the streamlabs donations page won't show data in the widgets/tiles whatever, shows fine in other browsers. could be my settings, but every else seems to be fine.

(2) - today a streamer posted a link to a poll, when i followed the link all tabs (3) of streaming video crashed, and my memory usage on 2080super went to 100% (8gb on card + 16gb  shared=24gb)

not sure if either of these is a performance issue (mozilla support) or a bug issue (bugzilla) i have screen captures of GPU page of task-manager but i have firefox privacy to purge on close so don't know what other info i could provide. the streamer pulled the link although I was the only one who seemed to have an issue.

can someone point me in the right direction? TIA


EDIT: got a copy of the link from streamer @


Making moves

Update: NEW PC i9kf-64gb-3090/24gb - cloned samsung to new MSI mobo, did a refresh on firefox, opened strawpoll link again, filled the 24gb on 3090 and used 10gb from shared, so it has a limit. Question is why does this webpage fill the memory?

went to the streamlabs dono page and it still doesn;t display the widget tiles properly, tried changing the themes ( I use the Dark) even downloaded one (cosmic cloud) no change.