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12 Firefoxs in task manager slows my computer down

Making moves

I notices lately that my Firefox browser is REALLY slow. When I opened task box it showed there were 12 Firefoxes open.

After deleting then the next time I used it it was slow again ans there were multiple Firefoxes open again!

I've been a loyal user for many years but I won't be using it until this issue is fixed.

It doesn't happen with Chrome or other browsers.

Why is this happening and is there any settings that can stop it?


Making moves

I want to know the answer to this, too. In fact, I have replied to another thread where the OP asked the same exact question, and we have not been replied to in that one either.

I would also like to know why FF has become S L O W over the past several roll-outs.

For instance, I have noticed sites such as YouTube loads images and videos slower now. The same can be said if I go to things like Holiday sites to see the reviews and pictures of the Hotel and surrounding areas etc, it's all a lot slower that it used to be.

I don't really have any add-ons that would do this, but, just in case I even removed them and re-installed FF. The same thing happens all over again.

My PC is Win 10 with everything up-dated. I also disabled ESET Internet Security in case something had happened there, but the same, no difference.