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Thunderbird just updated now I dont get new messages from all 3 accounts

Making moves

My TBird just updated to V115.2.2 32bit Supernova.  Congratulations.  Now I don't get any new emails from all 3 of my accounts.

Nice Work!


Making moves

I get new messages when I launch thunderbird but I just discovered that the original menu item for get new messages was replaced with an icon. It's a stupid icon that looks like a cloud with a down arrow under it. I discovered what it was quite by accident along with the way to not show the + message button.

While I am in here let me point out another issue I don't like. I have several email addresses in use and, as a personal preference, I keep them collapsed BUT every time I re-launch thunderbird, it automatically re-expands all the folders. Why? I did not ask for this and I don't want it.

Making moves

And what happened to the dropdown that allowed me to select just *one* account to check messages from?

I accidentally found that - look at the mushroom shaped cloud upper left of the thunderbird screen. it's in that drop-down. Stupid icon to use actually.


I see the button, but it seems to check all accounts, it doesn't have a separate drop-down to select just one account to check, like in the old Thunderbird?

Making moves

Now solved, see below.

Familiar face


No get email for one account only all?

Ah, right click. That's intuitive then 🤔