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Firefox gobbling memory and CPU resources at startup

Making moves

I restart my computer every day (Windows 7).  At startup I always open Thundebird and Firefox.  Maybe a month or two ago my computer started locking up soon after that, which I traced to Firefox gobbling all the memory and CPU time.  If I don't catch it early enough, the only recovery is the reset button. But If I catch it while the Firefox is still gobbling memory, I can use Task Manager to shut down Firefox.  Everything works normally after Firefox is restarted.  This is kind of a pain, and through Google I've read about others having a similar problem. But any suggestions haven't made a difference.  I hope you can resolve this in a future update.  I have a screen capture of Task Manager at today's Firefox shutdown, but couldn't paste the jpg into this message.  C:FirefoxShutdown.jpg




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Use the Troubleshooting Information page to help fix Firefox issues
Memory Use: Clicking on about:memory will take you to a page that shows memory usage. For more information, see this blog post

Enter in Firefox address bar about:memory
Click on the Measure button

Additional information
If you wish, study Firefox Profiler

Take a look

Otherwise, do you know
Firefox users on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 moving to Extended Support Release

Otherwise, do you know
According to
Windows: Windows 10 or later - Windows 7 and Windows 8* are desupported
Mac: macOS 10.15 or later - macOS 10.14 is desupported
System Requirements 116.0 bêta

Firefox Release Calendar
Thunderbird release cycle Extended Support Releases (ESR) for organizations
Thunderbird releases are maintained for more than a year with point releases that coincide with the rapid releases of the Mozilla platform

For my part, illustration with Windows7, I installed Linux, Firefox 120.01 and Thunderbird 115.5.1, it's ok, as for my Linux discovery, at first glance, installation and use are cool