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Suggestions for Improving the QR Code Scanner

Making moves

A few months ago, I noticed that the QR code scanner screen on Firefox for Android was a bit compressed, and I just noticed that the resolution of the scanner screen would be lower after exiting and re-entering Firefox. Are these two minor bugs?

The above is just a passing comment. What I want to discuss is mainly about Firefox's scanner, it seems that it should recognize a QR code and then load the QR code content directly. However, in some cases where there are many QR codes put together, when I try to scan one of them, I may get another QR code that I don't want. So I would like to have the QR codes on the screen turn into buttons when the scanner scans multiple QR codes, so that I can select which one to load.
Also, it would be nice if the QR codes that become buttons could display their own content (text, URL …).

(My English is not good, the above is translated by Deepl.)


Making moves

It’s also a security concern that a scanned QR code goes straight to the website, without confirming the user wants to go to that page, at least on mobile iOS