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Notifications issues

Making moves

The notification functionality in Firefox is not behaving as I would expect. When a notification appears for a website, I have the option of dismissing it, clicking on the notification or closing the window.

#1 - My main problem is when I dismiss the notification I expect it to close the notification box. Instead takes me to the website.

#2 - Notification popup boxes never seem to close on their own. I thought these would close after a timeout period.

#3 - With the new containers features it looks like I'm getting multiple duplicate notifications. I assume this is because I had notifications enabled for the site under two different containers. I have probably done this on many sites. In this case the best course of action is to reset all notifications and enable for sites in specific containers.

#4 - Lastly, sometimes notification just stop working entirely. I had to completely reinstall Firefox and setup notifications again.

Any comments or advice on these issues would be appreciated. Thanks.


Making moves

I would like a button to erase items in notification feed