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Shortcuts/Pinned Websites Customisation/Feature Request

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Feedback for Firefox Android Version

1. Please give an option for turning of suggested websites or the websites that I've visited recently near the Shortcuts or Pinned Websites. It looks really cluttery, and it's really annoying. Look at the screenshot above. I customised my browser to look clean. But those suggested websites make it look ugly.


2. And for shortcuts or pinned websites please increase the number of rows to 5 atleast. Enable the swiping mechanism only the home screen is filled with 5 or more raws of pinned websites or shortcuts.

3. And most importantly please give an option to rearrange order of the pinned websites or shortcuts.

N.B. I know some of the ideas mentioned above already exists, & this post probably will be merged, nevertheless I'm posting it to emphasize on it.

Please give a proper eye on to this feed.

Thank You.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for bringing up these requests — you're right, some have already been posted here on Connect:

Toggle Button or option to hide recent history from fixed shortcuts on homepage 

Please allow shortcuts on the home screen to be rearranged into a different order 

Check them out, vote, and add your input in the thread. This always helps each idea get more attention and also helps when our product teams review everything.