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Mozilla Employee-Hosted Discussions in the Community

Community Manager
Community Manager

Did you know that Mozilla employees (Product Managers, Engineers, and more) are actively hosting discussions right here in the Mozilla Connect community?

It’s true!

This ongoing series is an exciting opportunity for us to connect directly with you all, peel back the curtain a bit and share what we’re working on, and invite feedback on a particular topic—tab management, video, accessibility, password generation, etc. We hope that these back-and-forth conversations are productive and collaborative, so the valuable insights gathered can be put into action for product development.

How do the Employee-hosted discussions work?

An employee will kick off a conversation by posting to the Discussions forum. The initial post will introduce the topic and a particular project we are exploring. Community members are then encouraged to join the conversation and add their input. The employee will actively engage with comments and drive the conversation for a duration of two weeks-one month before closing out the thread with a summary post highlighting any key learnings/takeaways/next steps.

Rules of participation:

When participating in the discussions, please follow theCommunity Guidelines. Most importantly…

Be kind and show respect…both ways.

Different perspectives and constructive criticism are welcome, but any personal attacks or harmful language will not be tolerated.

Stay relevant and on topic.

Let’s keep the conversation on track and focused on the topic. If you have additional feedback or ideas unrelated to the discussion topic, create a new post.

Links to past discussions:

How can we make video experience in Firefox better for you?

Organizing Information

Taking Firefox Accessibility to the Next Level

Password Generation in Firefox

Creating and Collaborating with Media in Firefox

Private Windows on Firefox

Let's Chat About the Firefox New Tab Page!

How do you talk about Privacy & Security?

Bringing Colour to Firefox Mobile

Multitasking in Firefox

What Do You Wish Your Browser Could Do?

Firefox Relay Phone Number Masking

Firefox 106 - Copy Text From Images

Firefox 106 - Mobile Wallpapers

Firefox 106 - Firefox View

Firefox 106 - 'Independent Voices' Colorways

Firefox 106 - PDF Annotations

Firefox 106 - Private Windows

Contribute to Mozilla's product thinking around AI tools and chatbots

Importing Autofill Data - tell us what you think!

Upgrading your computer and moving your Firefox data

Links to current discussions:

Firefox Mobile Users: Share Your Thoughts on the Mobile Homepage! 📱 

Share Your Thoughts on the Home / "New Tab" Page! 🖥️ [thread 2] 

Join the discussions and share your thoughts today 😁

Want to see a particular discussion topic in the community? Let us know!

Send a note to @Jon, Mozilla Connect Community Manager


Community Manager
Community Manager

📣 New discussion alert 📣

@rupert from Mozilla Innovation Studio just kicked off a discussion around AI tools and chatbots...and you're all invited to participate and share your thoughts on the topic! Here is a link to the thread:

Contribute to Mozilla's product thinking around AI tools & chatbots 

See you all there 🙌

Community Manager
Community Manager

📣 New discussions alert 📣

@Justine, a Firefox Product Manager, recently kicked off a couple discussion threads asking for feedback/ideas to improve the mobile & desktop homepage experience. These are great opportunities to communicate directly with the teams working on these features. Here are the links to each discussion thread:

Firefox Mobile Users: Share Your Thoughts on the Mobile Homepage! 📱 

Share Your Thoughts on the Home / "New Tab" Page! 🖥️ [thread 2] 

As always, looking forward to collaborating with you all 💪