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New mobile wallpapers experience in version 106 - share your feedback!


Hello, this is Daniela from the mobile product team. I wanted to share that we have released a new and improved experience for using wallpapers on your mobile Firefox app. We have improved how we download and store wallpapers so that your experience is seamless and easy, as well as improved the readability against the homepage text.

We also added six new wallpapers for you to personalize your Firefox with! We worked with colorways expert Keely Lascio - former sneaker designer - to develop a limited edition collection of six colours (each with its own context and story). You can learn more about the inspiration here: Firefox makes browsing more colorful with new ‘independent voices’

Check out these articles to learn how to set your wallpaper:

I would love to hear how you feel about the improvements and new wallpapers or any general feedback.
Do you have a favourite new wallpaper? 
Is there a wallpaper design you would like to see in the future?

I hope you enjoy the new version of Firefox, thank you for your support!


Making moves

Dont know if its related to wallpapers itself, but now my Android (11) status bar on top has white icons on white background when using Firerox (light system theme, Firefox set to follow system theme or explicitly light theme). This started with 106 update.

Hey there jarkkot! Firefox for Android engineer here. I was hoping to collect a few more details about your issue to see if we could reproduce it and then hopefully fix it.

Thanks for providing the Android version your device is running on and information about the theming! Would you also mind providing the following:

  • a screenshot of the issue
  • whether you have a wallpaper set
  • the specific device type you have

I am having the same problem on a Redmi Note 8 Pro running android 11 and Miui 12.5.8.

There is no wallpaper set (or the default blank white one is) and selecting other wallpapers doesn't change the issue.

The status bar font turns black and visible when summoning the keyboard, and later turns white again.

I am attaching a screenshot from this same webpage.

Hi, I also have the same issue as described by jarkkot and NemoNowan.

I have no wallpaper set (classic firefox white), Firefox for Android v106.1.0, using light system theme and choosing either Light or Follow device theme the result is white icons on white background.

The attached screenshot shows how it looks with light theme (no contrast, unreadable) vs dark theme (good contrast, readable).

If you focus on the address bar, or wherever you get prompted with the keyboard, the contrast is temporarily fixed (the text becomes dark grey, which can be read fine on white background), but this only lasts until the keyboard is dismissed.

Edit: the device is OnePlus Nord, Android version 11.

Edit 2: I've just now seen this will be fixed in Firefox for Android v107 according to this thread so just a matter of waiting until then I guess 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

We’re excited to connect with you all about Mobile Wallpapers and work together to make the feature even better! 

A quick reminder…

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Thanks so much and looking forward to hearing your feedback 🙌

-The Community Team

Making moves

I feel wallpapers are aliens changes the background but everything else looks weird like the color of other elements like the toolbar , text color etc does not match with the wallpapers. Instead of this you people could had implemented firefox colorways with a fixed set of themes which on using would had changed the background color along with toolbar color..the experience in both firefox mobile and desktop should be same! Another thing is collection which is not available in desktop and worst part in mobile is it does not get sync!

Making moves

The new wallpapers look good, although - as SheikhAzharuddi stated - they are a bit detached from the rest of the UI. I think that a feature that would get the dominant colors of a given background image and from this information generate a new color palette for buttons, toolbar etc. could greatly improve the overall cohesiveness of the browser. It would be even more amazing, if it were possible to set custom images and utilize such functionality to have a truly unique experience.

I'm also not sure what the "limited edition" means in the context of the new wallpapers. Are they going to disappear? Will they remain available to people who use them before a given date? This seems a bit like an artificial scarcity issue.

Making moves

Can we just get more customization for Fenix, including custom wallpapers?

What's the point of making this kind of stuff time-limited in the first place?...

Making moves

How about official large size wallpaper for laptop desktops?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks @brinkeguthrie! This is a popular request in the community and something our product team is currently looking at for potential implementation. Feel free to upvote, share your thoughts, and follow along for updates here: Wallpaper in new tab 

Making moves

Really nice idea with the wallpapers, I just feel they need to be better integrated with the UI overall, and it would be great if we could preview them in a faster way, for example, seeing how the UI would look like directly in the wallpaper selection menu.

Actually, this is already a feature in Beta and Nightly versions, although for now it only affects the new tab UI and not the whole interface in general, at least as of FF108:


UPD: you may be interested voting for this suggestion, as it suggest adding support for custom wallpaper and browser-wide accent colours support:


Thank you all for the feedback and ideas!

The team will consider your top suggestions as we improve the feature:

  • integrating the wallpaper more with the browser UI
  • ability to add custom wallpapers

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Thanks so much for participating in the discussion—your input helps as we plan roadmaps and improvements for mobile wallpapers. We are closing out this thread, but want to encourage you to continue sharing your feedback/ideas about this feature (and other topics, of course) in new posts—just be sure to use the necessary labels and tags, so your posts are easily searched for and discovered.

Also, we are excited to announce that a new discussion hosted by a Firefox Product Manager has just kicked off and can be found here: Importing Autofill Data - Tell us what you think! Please feel free to join and share your feedback there 😀

This is an ongoing series here in the Mozilla Connect community, so we look forward to continuing to collaborate with you all.

-The Community Team