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Message Count In Thunderbird

Making moves

When I click on a folder in an email account, in the upper left of the message pane, it shows how many messages are in that folder. When I open a message in a new tab, there is no indication of the number of messages, much less the number of unread messages, like it was in the previous version. The "counter" was in the lower right of the pane/tab where the progress/loading bar is. Wish it was back.


Making moves

Thunderbird 115, incoming emails routed to sub-folders not showing as "new email" in the main folder.  When a new email is routed to a subfolder and the folder (parent) is collapsed, the parent folder shows no indication there are unread (new) messages in one of the subfolders. When I open and close the folder the number of messages unread in the subfolder(s) pops up and indicates there are unread messages somewhere inside.   Every time I use Thunderbird and walk away for a while I have to open/close all my main folders to see if there are any new messages whithin....

Making moves

The "Quick Filer Bar" is now where the total number of messages in a folder is displayed. I had to go to View > Toolbars > Quick Filter Bar.

i just did what you suggested and I don't see "total number of messages" displayed. Please advise.

View > Folders > Folder Pane Header


This will make a bar with the total count, and also a button to activate Quick Filter.



Making moves

I have the same problem as Cubsfan.  I cannot find the total number of messages in a folder.  Lots of the online instructions on this are do not work, or contain shorthand that non-developers cannot follow.  This is an important feature that disappeared, and could drive me to another email reader.  As a more general comment, repeated changes to Thunderbirds very complicated user interface are confusing, and seem to serve no useful purpose.

Spencer Klein, Berkeley