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Latest Thunderbird Problems re Microsoft browser cookies

Making moves

I have used Thunderbird for years, maybe more than a decade. Always happy!

This latest update is causing me a lot of grief. Here is one problem: I get the following Microsoft message for each of my Outlook or Hotmail accounts that I have inside Thunderbird:


We can't sign you in
Your browser is currently set to block cookies. You need to allow cookies to use this service.
Cookies are small text files stored on your computer that tell us when you're signed in. To learn how to allow cookies, check the online help in your web browser.
Well I never had this problem before..... I just enter password under Thunderbird accounts and all was good. Why oh why is Microsoft now involved and why is my browser involved? And which browser are they talking about- I use 3 browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Brave- NOT Microsoft products). I only store cookies on Firefox. I don't want to store cookies on others. But why oh why are browser cookies now involved with Thunderbird?????





Making moves

this is my Thunderbird version:

115.3.3 (32-bit)
says Supernova (which is new, what is supernova...)

Also I have 64 bit computer so not sure why it's 32 bit. It all worked just fine a week ago before this big "update"...... sigh


Making moves

Me again. So my Thunderbird is set to open links in Firefox. I have cookies enabled in Firefox- I just have it set to erase cookies when closing Firefox but on my home computer, I actually never close Firefox so cookies are working.

Again, what do cookie settings on Firefox have to do with Outlook accounts in Thunderbird? And of course, any ideas on how to fix?

I love(d) Thunderbird because I can look at multiple email accounts at a time. This is what I need. If Outlook accounts no longer work on Thunderbird, what's the point? My gmail accounts also aren't working- I'll post a separate topic on that with their special error messages.


Making moves

Just to be clear- that error message (underlined in first post) is from MICROSOFT not Thunderbird.

The url of the error message is


Making moves

Thunderbird will ask for password for my Outlook email accounts (which is understandable just after an update) I enter password and check the box asking me to remember the password and this is the error I get:

Login to server with username failed


That is a Thunderbird error


Thank you


I have a primary password in Firefox.. maybe that's what's causing the problems


Making moves

Good to hear some of you have problems today too, not just my imagination. I've been having problems with Thunderbird the last few weeks, but especially the last 24 hours. Now I can't get into anything in Thunderbird. 

It started off with strange password issues, I could receive but not send out. I got Bluehost (my server) technical support to help me, but no better.  Sometimes taking off VPN helps but not consistently.

I swear it's because of Windows 10 big update, which I delayed for a month with Simplewall. Yesterday I opened Firefox to better access a website, Firefox says I should update, then tell me I needed to restart. I did, did what I wanted and closed lid on laptop ie sleep. Came back three hours later, open laptop and everything is gone, ie computer Shut Off by itself.  I swear the Firefox update restart allowed Microsoft to sneak in. Or else by laptop sleeping, Simplewall wasn't active so Microsoft forced its way in. 

In any case, now Thunderbird is not responding at all. I'm on the road, don't have backup to try uninstalling and reinstall.

Making moves

Yes! I forgot.... Windows did a forced update 2 days ago. I came home and thought my laptop was dead, I had to  turn the power on and off a couple of times.

SO, it could be Windows and not Thunderbird. Also I just went to Uptodown to try to revert back to older version of  Thunderbird. It  didn't allow me to do it but I notice version 1.15 is dated August 30, then September 29, then finally October 13. I did  not experience problem or even new looking interface until 2 days ago, ie October 19, so almost a week after last update.


Making moves

Making moves

Salarno's Link worked for me. Many many thanks. Instructions were step by step and solved a very frustrating problem that just started yesterday.