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General improvements to Thunderbird that are a must!

Making moves

I am happy to use this email program!
But when using it with screen readers, I noticed that the latest version has some accessibility issue.
In the mailer, web pages no longer sound normally.
if, for example, you open the Thunderbird add-ons store, you will see the address bar, and other keyboard navigation is not possible.
This needs attention!
also if mail is configured incorrectly.
The program simply says something like this:
enter data on
and that's it.
it also displays an address bar that you can read, and nothing else.
I can't attach screenshots because some information is sensitive and I can't hide some data.
Another not-so-great thing about Thunderbird, I've found that in many mail services, the mail program doesn't correctly determine the Authentication Method.
Instead of "Normal password" the application uses
somehow the item was called like that.
I can not say for sure, the problem could not be reproduced.
In general, the mail program works stably, but I hope that you will improve it!
I apologize for the mistakes, unfortunately I do not speak English!