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Stop "improving" Thunderbird.

Making moves

I was using the latest version of Thunderbird 115.11.0. It's slow and very buggy. It's the same on all my Windows 10 PCs.   I have uninstalled it and went back to V78.13.0 (64-bit). It is MUCH better. And it retains features that were annoyingly removed in later versions.

Why do you keep "improving" Thunderbird when the older versions were perfectly good? Is this because you needed it to look "modern"? That's BS because it will look outdated by next year anyway.

Why did you change the configuration files? I had to re-enter my accounts and address book.

Thunderbird is awesome two years ago. The most recent version basically useless to me.

Get some control on the development. Focus on long term releases and stop changing it every week.  I know it's a community effort, but "Too many cooks spoil the broth".  And there are lot of bad cooks.