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Cookies improvement meta discussion

Making moves



While researching for my previous post I found multiple posts regarding improvements that could be made to cookie management

I found that most posts were concerned with the following aspects of cookie management

Increasing the security of cookie storage (in the wake of cookie session hijacks, this is getting pressing)

People also want more fine grained control over cookies, in particular better control on exactly when cookies are to be discarded and kept.

So I have made a list of all these posts and which category they are in.

I think this covers most of what people want from a better cookie manager


For cookie management, I use Cookie quick manager and for removing cookie nagscreens


Cookie quick manager almost does what I need, with a per-cookie protect/unprotect function, unfortunately, it can only protect cookies from being deleted in Cookie Quick Manager and not by the "delete all cookies when closing firefox" option, which I have enabled


Keep cookies secure, more cookie security

Protect cookies under primary password
Firefox stores cookies locally without encryption, is it ok?
Security of tokens or cookies - Risk
secure cache/cookies delete (cookie shredding)

more fine-grained cookie control
wiping cookies on tab close
Control Cookies via the Browser
auto cookie delete when website closes (already is a feature ?)
Block all cookies (even if that breaks things, it should be possible in very specific circumstances, same with disabling javascript, it should be easy to on/off per site)
cookie autodelete
AddOn - Cookie AuroDelete (CAD)

cookie exception list
How to whitelist individual cookie@website (per container?)
Quickly add cookies to exceptions
Cookies exception list / Configuration Synchronization
Firefox Doesn't Save Cookies After....
Make it easier to manage cookies... PLEASE!
Saving cookies

per container cookie management
Container-by-container history management
Automatically delete cookies only for some "Multi-Account Containers"
Containers: enable saving cookies only in containers

I don't care about cookies (banner /nagscreen handling)
Auto block/hide cookie messages/notifications




Making moves

Do you happen to know why the automatic cookie banner doesn't work in nightly?

Making moves

I don't know, I use firefox addon "I still don't care about cookies"